016 Trivial Inconvenience: The Four Minute Stop

Please Note:  This post is not about project management.

wordpressThere are a few things that I loathe in life and one of them is to stop and put gas in my car. It’s trivial. I know. It only takes me four minutes, but I’m impatient and I like to go from point A to point B without stopping. On my way to work a few weeks ago, I was sitting at a red light. I looked over at the corner gas station and noticed that there was a man sitting in a wheelchair putting gas in his minivan. Of course it gave me pause. I thought about him the rest of the way to work. How does he get from his vehicle to the chair? What a pain – how long must it take him to get gas? I bet he is grumpier than I am when he has to stop and get gas. Continue reading