003 Interview Tip for Renovation Projects

IMG_1220In the year that I’ve been working for the state, I’ve been a member of several designer selection committees. Most of the interviews have been for renovation projects such as mechanical system upgrades, elevator modernizations, and roof replacements. The first time I sat in on an interview, the responsibility of deciding who would win the project weighed heavily on me. Being a recent designer myself, I know how important getting the next job can be. I hope the insight I’m about to share will help you on the next interview.

Before I start, one thing that designers should understand about interview committees is that not all committee members are architects or engineers. The interview committee is usually composed of the project manager (like me), a construction manager, and a representative from the school that uses the building such as School of Medicine or the Music Department, so at least one person on the team is not familiar with architectural or engineering terms.  The committee is called the CIP (Capital Improvement Project) team. Continue reading

001 Make a Decision Already!

IMG_0695I recently interviewed designers for a new project.  At the end of the interview, I told them that we’d announce the selected designer a month later.  If I could read their minds, I would imagine that they would be saying “Make up your mind already!  Can’t you state workers make a decision faster than that?”  (Or at least that is what I would have been thinking) I then went on to explain that the selection committee recommends the designers to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for approval. The BOT meets every other month, so unless our interview is near the time of the BOT meeting, the designers have to wait. Continue reading